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This build is made for general and farming uses , due to its large AoE. Making it easier and more sufficient to destroy melee , ranged Balled up enemies.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/Ritualist Mysticism=3+1 Scythe Mastery=9 Earth Prayers=12 Channeling=9][Vow of Strength][Sand Shards][Splinter Weapon][Eremite's Attack][Twin Moon Sweep][Mystic Regeneration][Mystic Vigor][Optional][/build] TEMPLATE CODE : OgikAmp5KzOz328ixauPX27315C </pvxbig>

Optionals: Reap Impurities Armour of Sanctity Ancestors Rage You Can Replace Vow Of Strengh With Either Balthzar or Grenth , for those who rely on degen rather than AoE or getting involved. You Can Replace Twin moon Sweep With Farmers Scythe [Highly Recommended For Exp People] or Mys


Full Max Armour: Full Energy Runes And Insignias , And Any Vigor Rune you Can Afford Mysticism Hood

Usage Edit

Precast: Sand Shards Mystic Vigor Splinter Wepon [If Facing Heavy Interupts Cast Vow of Strengh And Mystic Regen] In battle Cast: [If Against Light Interupts Cast Vow Of Strengh And Mystic Regen As The Mob Approaches] Spamm Order: 4 5 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3

Counters Edit

heavy rupts , lagg during enchants , Necromancer Stripping

Variants Edit

For a Lesser Experienced Player, Bring a Restoration Spell Drop Channeling to 7 and Rest in restoration

Notes Edit

Bringing a Monk/Paragon may Speed the run up

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