• Organoidnova


    January 4, 2010 by Organoidnova

    Alright, I've been speedbooking for the past 4 hours now, practicing the quest "A Time For Heroes" in hard mode, and I've gotten tired.

    Below is everything that i've noted while practicing, and ofcourse I'll jot down more notes later.

    The Assassin Armor needed to speed book should only cost a specific amount if you've already gotten the raptor farming armor. I always buy separate armor for farming for my sin, b/c i don't expect to run storyline missions in anything that I use for farming. I found that merely buying an extra leg armor, and adjusting it with a radiant insignia with the proper rune is all you need for adjusting from raptor farming to running Against the Charr, and Curse of the Norn Bear. I've also found that using the totem Axe…

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