Okay, I guess I'll give this blog feature a shot. Ever since shadow form was buffed, the game has been screwed up in PvE. Farm builds and run builds became powerful and then stuff went downhill... Why don't they just change it back to 5...17 duration with 60 recharge? It wasn't overpowered before the buff. I have friends who PvP and they complain about heroes and RoJ, etc., all the time. I guess Guild Wars is just screwed up. >.< When perma SF runners became popular, they ruined the prices of shiverpeak tour and grotto runs. I used to run them for 5-6k a head. Now people complain if I charge 3k. Also, I don't see why they can't fix shadowsteps for PvE. Many runners would like SO MUCH for that to happen. They must not have realized how many people quit the game when they nerfed them one year ago. The guild BuRN fell apart (well, that was part of it, the rest is a completely different story.) Hundreds of people used to race droks all the time. Many quit. I emailed them, asking them to fix shadowsteps, and they ignored me. They could have at least said, "No, we don't care about customer input," but no. Not even that. Guild Wars has been spiraling downhill, in my opinion. With GW2 getting closer, they also will likely ignore technical issues such as horrendous lag. /sigh

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