• Cybermutt4

    This build uses the Ranger's Pet Capabilities to shadow step to a foe, and inflict multiple conditions almost instantly. Designed for PvP in Fort Aspenwood Mostly, Adapted to PvE for general condition spreading.

    [build name="r/n oppresive pet build" prof=range/necro beastm=12+1+2 expert=9+1 bloodm=9][strike as one][scavenger strike][predators pounce][oppressive gaze][savage pounce][optional][run as one][comfort animal][/build]

    • Suggest a few optional skill(s) if you included an Optional slot in the skill bar.

    • Beastmaster's Insignias, Vitae and Max Vigor you can afford.

    • Any Blood Staff Requires 9 a good green is Vanahk's Staff

    Use Run as One to target for, use Strike as One and Scavenger's Strike, wait for conditions from Strike as One then cast…

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