• Alaglaesia

    Newbie joins PvXWiki

    December 1, 2009 by Alaglaesia

    Hi there!

    I'm Alaglaesia, and I joined PvXWiki today. I'm a portuguese player of Guild Wars who wants to contribute a little to this huge database of builds with my own creations. I'm a newbie not only in this particular wiki, but in all the wikis. Therefore, I hope I can learn a lot more about editing techniques with time... but for now, I have already created 2 simple builds in my user page, both for FA: one for rangers and other for ritualists. Feel free to add positive or negative coments on my builds, as long as they are constructive. I don't mind if you edit my builds, and would even appreciate it if you made them more powerful and difficult to beat!

    Now a little bit about me...

    I am a PvX player... I love the rush and frenzy of Faction…

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