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MoP FOW Necro Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/P name="MOP" sou=10+3 cur=12+1+3 comma=8][Mark of Pain][Icy Veins][Barbs][Signet of Sorrow]["Finish Him!"]["Fall Back!"][Foul Feast]["We Shall Return!"][/build] </pvxbig>

Variants Edit


  • [[Defile Defenses@17] for additional damage against Rock Borer Worms.
  • [[Insidious Parasite@17] </pvxbig>




  • When choosing a target do not choose the nearest target by pressing 'c' or '|'. Select a target in the centre of the group of balled foes, ensuring it is not a monk.
  • For most spikes, cast [[Mark of Pain@17] then [[Icy Veins].
  • For leftovers or single foes, cast [[Barbs@17], [[Signet Of Sorrow], [[Finish Him].
  • Use [[Foul Feast@12] to remove Blind from the warriors.
  • Use [[Fall Back!] for speed.
  • Use [[We Shall Return!] for all members rez.


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