Week of September 27 (2 Shriveled Eyes per gift) Edit

  • Right outside Augury Rock there are a bunch of Storm Kins that can be farmed.
    • Spirit spammer works great
  • From Seeker's Passage throughout the Salt Flats there are a significant number of mobs of Storm Kins. A single run through this area drops 4-6 shriveled eyes. It's a lengthy run, but may be worth it.
    • Be wary of the patrols of Hydra as they chain meteor casts together.


Week of September 20 (3 Fetid Carapaces per gift) Edit

Start from Frontier gate and work down. Solo Rit the first five minutes of the Ruins of Surmia mission yields 8 - 12 carapaces per run and Leroy Rurik helps you as well!

  • Easily farmed in NM with spirit spammer.
  • 55 monk also works great

Week of September 13 (3 Icy Humps per gift) Edit

  • Icy humps can be easily farmed at Griffon's Mouth. Best way to do this is by traveling back and forth.
    Griffon's mouth
  • A build that works perfectly with Eles is this: OgBSoYGTrlgVDR8C3ClV0C4CA

Week of September 6 (3 Spiritwood Planks per gift) Edit

There are two ways to get to Nicholas, the first way is from Beacon's Perch, and the second way is from Gates of Kryta. The first way, just head west through Deldrimor Bowl from Beacon's Perch until you reach the first portal, Nicholas should be around in the middle of the area of Griffon's mouth

  • The items needed for the gift can be easily crafted through various Artisans throughout the campaign
  • The items cannot be bought from rare material traders. You will get a message that the trader has just run out of this material.
  • If you do not wish to buy, you can kill the Island Guardians or other creatures in the Jade Sea, Shing Jea Island and Istan by doing MQSC, but also single farms with spirit spam work outstanding.

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