Week of October 25 (2 Shadowy Remnants per gift) Edit

Doing the quest Graven Images outside of Lions Arch seems to be an effective way to farm Shadowy Remnants. Just make sure you don't take the reward after completion. Map back to LA, abandon quest, rinse & repeat. Going from the Temple of Ages, to the Talmark Wilderness is a good place to farm Shadowy Remnants. Check around the areas where the Ancient Oakhearts wander. Also, the south-east corner of The Black Curtain, the swamp area where the Shadow of Death spawns, has around 20 or so Foe Nightmare pops and is a quick re-zone into the lower Cursed Lands portal for farming.

Week of October 18 (3 Kournan Pendants per gift) Edit

From Pogahn Passage Kournan mobs can be found either in the Arkjok Ward, the Dejarin Estate or Gandara, the Moon Fortress.. Of these 3 areas, Arkjok Ward offers multiple nearby mobs of Kournans, without the aggravation of other enemy mobs, and an easy rezone.

Week of October 11 (3 Skree Wings per gift) Edit

Skree trackers tihark orchard

Skree Trackers Outside Tihark Orchard

Just outside of Tihark Orchard is a group of Skree Trackers that are easy to farm with a Spirit Farmer. Just Rezone for more.

330hp Ritualist build Build:Rt/Mo 330hp Vengeful Farmer works just as good or even better, just avoid the groups with the healer.

Week of October 4 (2 Inscribed Shard per gift) Edit

Just outside Gate of Torment in Nightfallen Jahai there is a group of 3 Graven Monoliths, which can be easily farmed in HM with Spirit Spammer.

Alternative path is to leave from Bone Palace into Joko's Domain and farm all graven Monoliths along the way to Nicholas. However it requires fighting additional mobs.

During LB and SS farm their spawn a big mob of Monoliths which can be farmed.

Another alternate place to farm is The Ruptured Heart from the west exit of the Mouth of Torment. Outside to the right you will find 6-8 Graven Monoliths. There is a nearby group or Margonites that usually gets pulled into the fight, but they are not a problem.

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