Week of May 25th (Gloom Seeds)Edit

Nicholas the Traveler is located in "The Falls". It takes 1 Gloom Seed per present, taking a total of 5 Gloom Seeds.

The BeachEdit

The ForestEdit

Any Barrage or Incendiary Arrows variation can be used to farm through the forest quickly e.g. Splinter FoW Forest Farmer.

Week of May 18th (Chromatic Scales)Edit


General path for killing Chromatic Drakes

Enter the Battledepths from the Central Transfer Chamber or through the entrance South West of Eye of the North.


  • Whatever character you wish, generally something that's going to deal a lot of damage.
  • Forms of 600/Smite and 55hp builds will generally work here, permaform however will not due to Lightning Touch and Crystal Wave.
  • A dervish equipped with a zealous scythe of enchanting using VoS, Elemental Resistance, YAAW!, Victorious Sweep and Chilling Victory can also be used to solo farm chromatic scales. This also leaves enough space for three nonspell self-healing skills. Remember to pull out of their 50% block wards.


Perma Sin Edit

  • Farm them outside central transfer chamber and then go left to kill 3 groups. You can use different builds.
    • Use degeneration (Radiation Field + Viper`s Defense) and bring a bonder with you if you feel unsafe.

PUG Edit

  • A group consisting for a Perma sin and a few RoJ nukers can easily farm the Battledepths. Once entered from CTC, go south and clear all the Cromatic Drakes untill you reached the entrance of the Heart of the Shiverpeaks. Here you can rezone and move back towards the CTC entrance.

Frostmaw's Burrows Edit

  • One permashadowform sin runs to to dungeon and another player playing 600/smite/QZ (the partysetup of SoO run is perfect) kills the first 2 groups to farm the scales. When they are dead, rezone to Jaga Moraine and enter into the dungeon again. This will kill about 8-10 drakes in 2 minutes if done properly.

Week of May 11th (Mandragor Roots) Edit


General path for killing mandragors

Farm at Arkjok Ward outside Yohlon Haven.


  • Any offensive bar for your class.
  • The area around Arkjok Ward is suitable for permanent Shadow Form solo farming, even in HM. However, it is recommended that you bring Dark Escape and a healing skill due Mandragor Slither use of Headbutt. For some reason, Mandragor Imps in HM seem to only use Signet of Agony or Barbed Signet when you are low in health.


Ray of Judgment Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Ray of Judgment Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Ray of Judgment Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional


  • Devona
  • Gehraz
  • Cynn
  • Herta


  • Blow Mandragors up and hope for roots.
  • Keep moving, you took Devona for a reason ("Charge!")

Week of May 4th (Juni Berries) Edit

Human and HeroEdit

2 Saccer/MM heroesEdit


  • Vampiric weapons for the necros is preferred but not totally needed.
  • Soul Reaping off-hand for the necros (or staff if no vampiric weapons).
  • Bloodstained insignias can help.
  • Nothing else matters.


  1. Block Blood is Power and Unyielding Aura on your heroes.
  2. Pre-cast Unyielding Aura.
  3. Kill one necro by spamming BiP.
  4. Give the other necro some time to use Animate Bone Minions.
  5. Take the quest from Chuno.
  6. Cancel and recast one Unyielding Aura.
  7. Micro the necro with the minions to sac self to death.
  8. Have the other necro summon minions.
  9. Repeat from step 6 until quest completes.

This causes a flow of minions to become summoned and then wild which the drake will hopefully eat.


  • Gives 2-3 Juni Berries per run, depending on how often the drake decides to use his eating skill.
  • You may wish to summon a few minions before taking the quest in order to get more berries.


  • Play around with the level of the minions. Too low level minions cause them to die too fast so they cant be eaten and too high level minions take too long to kill effectively.
  • A speed boost to run from and to the portal.



A video walking through this build:

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