Week of June 28th (2 Minotaur Horns per gift)Edit


Possible path for Minotaur Horns farming

  • The most effective area to farm minotaurs is in the first area of the Elona Reach mission.
  • Use a Sprit Spammer Ritualist in the first area of Elona mission, kill all minatours then rinse and repeat.
  • Here is a video showing 7 different professions farming Minotaur Tusks, and then running to the Traveller to show where he is. Also it's in 720p HD quality.


Week of June 21th (1 Mahgo Claw per gift)Edit

Spiritfarmer just outside of Ember Light Camp, be sure to spread the spirits out due to Meteor Shower. Be careful because lots of mobs in the area that can be accidentally aggro

Also, in that same area, you can farm with a 130 Hp Dervish. When doing so, pull the group of patrolling Hydras closer to the resurrection shrine and proceed to kill them. Also, remember to keep moving from time to time, so you don't fall prey to Meteor Shower.

Or you can farm them in the burning forest in FoW, using the MT build for Fowsc, but with glyph of swiftness instead of glyph of concentration (not reccommended for all players)

Week of June 14th (3 Modniir Manes per gift)Edit

Most farming builds should work, make sure to bring knock down prevention for the trample attack. From Sifhala, head south to the lake by the next resurrection shrine. There are several groups of Modniir roaming the slopes above the lake.

Week of June 7th (2 Azure Remains per gift)Edit

  • Spirit Farmer with knock down prevention e.g. "I Am Unstoppable!"
    • Head east from Port Sledge and farm Azure Shadows that spawn on your way
  • 55 Monk (Take IAU or other anti-kd)
    • Leave south Camp Rankor and aggro two groups of Azure. (8 Azure + 1 boss = 9 total) It takes 2-3 mins to kill them and rewards 1-3 Azure Remains/run.
    • The boss shares a spawn with other bosses. The elemental boss can cause trouble.

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