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Week of July 26th (3 Mandragor Swamp Root per gift)Edit

  • Any build can farm Mandragors in Lahtenda Bog from Blacktide Den just circling the area between the Res shrine and the first intersection. This circle has numerous Mandragor pop-up groups, (including a boss in the ruins to the right). Run time is under 6 minutes, with usually 0-2 roots per run.


  • Mehtani Keys is a great place to farm them. Three groups will pop-up in the land area close to the rez shrine. I used a SF Assassin to ball them up and tank them and then a RoJ Monk to nuke them. Only takes 3 mins and you get 0-4 roots per run. Can also keep going past the "formation" in the middle of the water for another group. Kill/run past the group of plants to the left of that group for one more group.

Week of July 12th (1 Gold Crimson Skull Coin per gift)Edit

  • Take the quest The Captured Son and repeatedly farm it with a build of your choice. Note: Do not accept the quest reward until you are finished collecting coins.
  • Spirit Farmers do well.
  • MM builds can farm the quest.
  • Without this quest active, is still possible to farm NE Haiju Lagoon with Spirit Farmers - usually 1 coin/run
An Elementalist with Obsidian Flesh, Stoneflesh Armor, Sliver Armor and aftershock or some other damage skill farm it very fast.

Week of July 5th (3 Naga Hides per gift)Edit

  • Go to the water-side cave in Panjiang Peninsula just outside Tsumei Village to farm the Naga. Considering their level in Normal Mode just bringing any type of AoE/PBAoE damage along with a self-heal will allow you to farm the hides needed in just a few minutes.

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