Week of January 25th (2 Thorny Carapaces per gift) Edit

  • Spirit farmers should have no problem with these.
  • Almost any other farm build should be able to farm these. SF farmers, 55's, 600's, Earth magic farmers, even physical tanks should be able to farm these.

Week of January 18th (3 Decayed Orr Emblem per gift) Edit

  • 105/55 monks with smite skills work great.
  • Solo farming elementalist builds and Shadow Form assassins are less optimal, but work.
  • Farm at the beginning of Gates of Kryta (enter Misson go to the left by Oink, then down the hill) or outside of Bergen Hot Springs.
  • Spirit Spammer works great. Start at ToA and you will have enough emblems by the time you reach Nicholas.
  • Vanquishing the "Cursed lands" zone with a 600/Smite team works well too, and shouldn't take more than 10/15minutes with good players.
  • Just outside Bergen Hot Springs are a bunch of Rangers which you can take on easily with some selfhealing.

Week of January 11th (1 Ruby Djinn Essence per gift) Edit

  • Solo farming The Hidden City of Ahdashim with a perma sliver.
  • Farming 600hp/smite in The Hidden City of Ahdashim.
  • Solo Ghost-Spammer Alkali Pan outside Bone Palace to the right across the bridge
  • 130hp Dervish works well just outside the Bone Palace in the Alkali Pan
  • Solo farming The Hidden City of Ahdashim with a perma degen,this video shows how:

Week of January 4th (1 Roaring Ether Heart per gift) Edit

  • Solo Farming outside Dzagonur Bastion with a perma. Though sliver will not work very fast, it will kill them eventually. You will also need healing to deal with the Sapphire Djinns' AoE effects.
  • A dagger perma / commando works a lot faster than sliver, even in Hard Mode, but requires one hero to tag along.
  • The entire Mirror of Lyss zone can be vanquished with a 600/smite set-up, using either a monk or a rit 600. Bring permanent spell breaker (echo it) and frozen soil on the smiter to speed up killing.
  • SoS spirit spammers can also farm Roaring Ethers, although it's slower and more dangerous than perma farming. Consider bringing Healing Breeze or another self heal to counter health degeneration and avoid unnecessary delays from resurrecting.
  • Solo farming The Hidden City of Ahdashim with a perma sliver. The spawns are somewhat random.
  • You can solo farm with a degen perma. In NM it's faster. Go from Dzagonur Bastion south, usually there are 6-8 ethers. Gather them all and degen them.
  • Sliver perma in Mirror of lyss. Leave from the Kodash Bazaar and head north til you come across a few rain beetles, Run past them and keep them attacking you. Sliver Yammiron, Ether Lord and his group. Rinse and repeat.

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