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Week of February 22nd (3 Amber per gift) Edit

  • The quickest ways to farm Amber all include farming Kurzick faction. Some of the quickest ways to farm Kurzick factions include:

Week of February 15th (3 Bone Charms per gift) Edit

  • Farm Outcasts with a Spirit Farmer. Try Boreas Seabed outside Zos Shivros Channel or the northern area of Rhea's Crater.
    • A decent farming route would be to leave from Aurios Mines and head west, killing 2 bosses on the way to nicholas, encountering many groups of outcasts. If one wished to they could cut back to the north east and encounter the remaining 3 bosses in the zone.
    • Sliver Perma can farm outcasts in Rhea's Crater. However watch out for Creeping Carp as they will strip Shadow Form.
  • During the quest Protect the Halcyon there are a large number of outcasts

Week of February 8th (5 Saurian Bones per gift) Edit

  • Any of the Raptor Nestling farming builds can do this. Some examples are:

Week of February 1st (1 Maguuma Spider Web per gift) Edit

  • At the begining of Aurora Glade mission, any farming build should be able to collect webs from 2 groups of three Maguuma Spiders right at the start.
  • The entrance to The Falls from Reed Bog offers about 3-4 mobs of 2-3. Exit and re-enter. And also from The Falls to Reed Bog, head directly east from entrance, approximately another 3-4 mobs. You can simply zone in and out from each zone, and farm approximately 10 mobs of spiders.

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