Week of April 26th (3 Dredge Incisor per gift)Edit

Week of April 19th (3 Naga Skins per gift)Edit

Week of April 12th (3 Jadeite Shards per gift)Edit

  • Repeatedly play Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood for Luxon points, or vanquish Luxon explorable areas to trade in Luxon allegiance points for Jadeite.

Week of April 5th (3 Feathered Caromi Scalp per gift)Edit

  • Spirit Spamming is very effective against the groups of low level Tengu in North Kryta Province. You may wish to bring a self-heal as a counter to degeneration spells and ranger attacks.
  • Farm in the Watchtower Coast just outside Beetletun. Get only the first 4-5 groups at the first crossroad and a round the corner down south and restart.

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