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Annihilation is one of the many types of matches in the Hero's Ascent. The objective to winning an annihilation match is to simply kill everything, including NPCs such as:

  • Priest
  • Ghostly Hero (while not needed to win, it gives your team a 10% morale boost for killing it)

Annihilation StrategiesEdit

  • Rule number one about an annihilation match is to stay alive; although it is never guaranteed that you will stay alive, there are many ways to help.
    • Don't over extend. Over extending is the act of running out of the healing reach of your monk, thus making him have to run farther into the fray.
    • Call dangerous conditions. Whenever you have a condition that seriously jeopardizes your build, call it (Such as: "Blind on four!"). RC monks can't tell when you have Blind or Daze on you!
    • NEVER stand in choke points! Choke points are narrow corridors in which AoE spells are most effective (due to the minimal kiting space)
    • ALWAYS ressurect your teammates as soon as they die. Everyone has an important role in a HA team, and with one person taken out, your team is that much less effective.
    • When everyones DP starts to get high (especially that of the monks), kill the ghostly hero. Doing so will give your team a nice morale boost.
    • NEVER let your team stand near the enemy priest when many of the opposing players are dead. If they resurrect at the 2 minute interval, they will have full energy, and this can be hard on your team if you have been fighting.
    • Strategize when to kill the priest. An appropriate time to kill priest, for example, would be at a minute and 30 seconds (on the 2 minute interval) after killing a few of the opposing players.

Annihilation MapsEdit

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