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In Guild versus Guild, most teams have a frontline of one to three melee attackers that is the source of most of the damage of their team and gets most of the kills.

Types of FrontlinersEdit

Sword WarriorsEdit

Sword warriors are used primarily for condition pressure by spamming conditions. Often they utilize the synergy between Conjure Element spells and Sun and Moon Slash, as well. Sword warriors most commonly use the elite skill Crippling Slash, although utility elites and Dragon Slash are not unheard of on sword warriors. They typically use Frenzy for an IAS, and Rush as a speed boost.

Axe WarriorsEdit

Axe Warriors excel at spiking and have room for a good deal of utility. They typically utilize a spike consisting of Eviscerate and Executioner's Strike, sometimes adding another attack skill. Axe warriors pressure by spiking and forcing the enemy monks to be very careful to keep everyone alive. They typically use Frenzy for an IAS, and Rush as a speed boost.

Hammer WarriorsEdit

Hammer warriors are strong at spiking and pressure, due to their powerful damage and many strong knockdown skills. They usually use an elite knockdown, Crushing Blow for deep wound, and one or more additional knockdowns. Many hammer warriors use Enraging Charge to gain adrenaline and Flail as IAS for spikes, activated before Crushing Blow. Hammer warriors with Frenzy are more dangerous to play, but can apply heavier pressure.


Avatar of Melandru is common due to their immunity to conditions, strong damage, and Wearying Strike. An example of this build is here.


Assassins can be used to apply pressure by using Moebius Strike to repeatedly spam Dual Attacks, such as Death Blossom. However, these sins are rare due to their fragility, and assassins usually serve as gankers instead.

Way of the Master Scythe Assassins are rarely seen, but can deal substantial damage with a Scythe.


Rangers sometimes serve as frontliners using a hammer and Rampage as One, Crushing Blow, and Bestial Mauling. Though these are more common in HA, they can be found in some GvG team builds, mainly hex-heroways.

Basic Skill ChoicesEdit


  • Bull's Strike Bull's Strike is a common snare in many warrior or dervish primary frontliners.
  • Frenzy Frenzy is often used as an IAS in warrior primary frontlines. Due to the damage doubling effect, most bring Rush as a "Cancel Stance" for frenzy.
  • Eviscerate Eviscerate and Executioner's Strike Executioner's Strike are common spike-oriented skills for Axe Warriors.

See AlsoEdit

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