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The point of this bar is to pump pressure by spamming dual attacks. Alternating between Death Blossom for big damage and Critical Strike for energy management ensures that you can use your attack skills on recharge without breaking a sweat. The elites taken on this common template are limited to the Assassin and Warrior skillsets, as no other profession provides many useful elites.

The Core BuildEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/Warrior CriticalStrikes=12+1 DaggerMastery=12+1+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Death Blossom][Critical Strike][Optional][Optional][Rush][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Jagged Strike Jagged Strike & Fox Fangs Fox Fangs

  • This Lead→Offhand combo is extremely fast thanks to the 1/2 second activation times they carry. This allows you to reach your dual attacks quickly and compresses damage.
  • They also have short recharges, meaning they can quickly lead into another dual attack after the first.

Death Blossom Death Blossom

  • The essential pressure skill for Assassins. In PvP, it has a 6 second recharge, which means another dual attack has to be taken to keep spamming the chain.

Critical Strike Critical Strike

  • And this is where Critical Strike comes in. It also has a 6 second recharge, and provides guaranteed energy to keep the chain going.

Rush Rush

  • Maintained for anti-kiting. The chain lands 4 hits each time it is used, and thus Rush is available all the time even with 0 strength.

Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet

  • Very obvious.

Your Elite SkillEdit

Generally, the elites commonly used supplement the pressure provided by the attack chain and are fueled by it.

Assault Enchantments Assault Enchantments - Build

  • Since you quickly reach the dual attack of your chain, Assault Enchantments is almost available on demand to remove all enchantments from the foe.

&quot;Coward!&quot; "Coward!" - Build

  • Has a low 4 adrenaline cost that is filled with each use of the chain, and provides extremely effective anti-kiting.

Shattering Assault Shattering Assault

  • Also removes enchantments, but doesn't require you to stop attacking. However, it only removes two at a time (one for each attack).
  • Can replace Death Blossom to compress the bar and take more utility, but can simply be taken in addition to your two dual attacks as well.

Skull Crack Skull Crack - Build

  • Two chains will charge its 9 adrenaline cost (there's an auto-attack or two that occurs between the chains).
  • Inflicts a threatening duration of Daze for no attribute investment.

Way of the Assassin Way of the Assassin - Build

  • Provides a slight IAS and large boost to critical hit rate.
  • Useful in energy-denial metas.
  • Requires a non-stance IMS, usually Storm Djinn&#039;s Haste Storm Djinn's Haste paired with Conjure Lightning Conjure Lightning for more damage.



Twisting Fangs Twisting Fangs

  • Provides a source of 'self-activating' Deep Wound for finishing off opponents.


Bull&#039;s Strike Bull's Strike

  • Knockdown on fleeing foes.

Black Mantis Thrust Black Mantis Thrust

  • Requires a hex.
  • Is also a 1/2 second activation lead attack, but with longer recharge than Jagged Strike.

Crippling Dagger Crippling Dagger

  • Provides a half-ranged snare on moving foes.

Horns of the Ox Horns of the Ox

  • Knockdown with 2 chances to hit on isolated targets.
  • Requires landing an offhand first.

Leaping Mantis Sting Leaping Mantis Sting

  • Requires that the foe be moving.
  • The half-second activation makes it easy to use.


Disrupting Dagger Disrupting Dagger

  • An interrupt that can be used at half of spell range.

Disrupting Stab Disrupting Stab

  • Has spell disable, but is slower than Exhausting Assault.

Exhausting Assault Exhausting Assault

  • Jagged Strike→Exhausting Assault is fast enough to easily catch 1 second cast spells.


Sprint Sprint / Dash Dash

  • 'Hard' IMS is useful in AB and GvG splits, where you will need to cover large distances without building adrenaline for Rush.

Death&#039;s Charge Death's Charge / Dark Prison Dark Prison

  • Shadowsteps aren't as useful in a pressure build as in a spiking one, but can still be used to gain positional advantages.

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