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Restoration Ritualists are very common in Hero's Ascent, where their unstrippable Weapon Spells and party healing abilities excel at mitigating pressure. They are also very flexible, due to their protection and healing coming from just one attribute line, opening several options for a secondary role.

The Core Build Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/any RestorationMagic=12+1+1][Optional][Optional][Weapon of Warding][Resilient Weapon][Weapon of Shadow][Protective was Kaolai][Life][Death Pact Signet][/build]

Weapon of Warding [[Weapon of Warding@14]

  • Provides unconditional blocking and regeneration to the target so long as they don't attack. For obvious reasons, this means it should only be used to protect caster teammates.

Resilient Weapon [[Resilient Weapon@14]

  • Useful for reducing and healing back pressure with its armor and regeneration buff. Note that it requires a condition or hex on the target to work.

Weapon of Shadow [[Weapon of Shadow@14]

  • Extremely effective at stopping physicals from attacking the target player, but is useless against caster damage. For this reason, it is the weapon spell dropped for other skills when more room is needed on the bar.

Protective was Kaolai [[Protective was Kaolai@14]

  • Provides a small armor boost while held, but is primarily used for its party healing to mitigate pressure.

Life [[Life@14]

  • Due to its low recharge and cost, this spirit is ideal for fueling the ritualist's energy management skills (as well as other skills that require a spirit). Its death provides party healing as well, but is not a major/reliable source of healing.

Death Pact Signet [[Death Pact Signet@14]

  • The hard res usually carried on this ritualist, as the high Restoration Magic investment causes this skill to give its target almost full energy.


Your Elite SkillEdit

The most common options for the Ritualist's elite is an energy management skill due to the high costs associated with maintaining multiple weapon spells. However, sometimes other types of elites see use (non-elite energy management such as Spirit Siphon is often used).

Spirit Channeling Spirit Channeling - Build

  • Provides excellent energy return, but has a long recharge and is vulnerable to enchantment stripping.
  • Ties your leftover attributes to Spawning Power which, while good for weapon spell duration, limits secondary support options (a rank is usually taken from resto if needed).

Offering of Blood Offering of Blood - Build

Destructive was Glaive Destructive was Glaive - Build

Caretaker&#039;s Charge Caretaker's Charge - Build


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