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Utilizes vast energy management potential of Flourish and adrenaline management from Spear of Fury to power Spear Attack Skills and Save Yourselves!

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Warrior/Paragon Strength=12+1+1 Spear_Mastery=12][Barbed Spear][Spear of Fury][Vicious Attack][Swift Javelin][Flourish][Save Yourselves!][Flail][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Enduring Harmony for greater SY! upkeep
  • Asuran Scan, By Ural's Hammer!, or I am the Strongest! for damage increase
  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, or any Asuran summon for supplemental damage
  • Finish Him! for cracked armor and deep wound, consider following with Deft Strike
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor for addition party party buff, 35 energy and up recommended
  • Signet of Infection for disease following Barbed Spear
  • You Move Like a Dwarf for! interrupt and snare
  • Maiming Spear for snare after Barbed Spear, best if last skill used before Flourish
  • Fear Me! For more criticals and higher chance of deep wound with Vicious Attack, change attribute to Tactics 8+2, Strength 11+1, and Spear Mastery 11

Equipment Edit

  • Full Radiant Armor, at least one rune of attunement
  • Rune of Superior Vigor
  • A minimum of 25 max energy is required for the build to be usable, 30 and up is preferred
  • Furious or Zealous Spear of Fortitude
  • Strength Shield of choice

Usage Edit

  • Use skills 1 through 5 in quick succession
  • Must use Flourish before skills recharge normally for energy management
  • Activate Flail and Save Yourselves when charged
  • Apply Asuran Scan to high priority or hardier targets
  • Use Enduring Harmony before Save Yourselves! It is fairly doable to use SY! twice on one Enduring Harmony

Counters Edit

  • General anti melee
  • Adrenaline denial will prevent starting your chain if using Barbed Spear or Blazing Spear

Variants Edit

  • Against non-fleshy creatures, take Blazing Spear, more damage but higher adrenaline requirement, and limited to 3 seconds to use Spear of Fury for adrenaline
  • Additionally You are All Weaklings! or You Move Like a Dwarf!, can replace Barbed Spear but also lack spammability

Notes Edit

  • Allegiance Rank of 7 and up is preferred, for 5 strikes of adrenaline with Spear of Fury, however still usable at Rank 4 and up

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