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A Dervish using this build has a good damage output with a Deep wound and Enchantment removal. Through the Use of Earth prayer skills a incredible resilience is achieved. Tough as Stone!

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [Build prof=D/any Scy=12+1+1 Earth=12+3 Mysticism=3][Vital Boon][Reaper's sweep][Victorious sweep][Signet of pious light][Aura of Thorns][Aura of holy Might (Luxon)][Conviction][Sand Shards][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Maxed Armor with best Vigor rune you can afford
  • Mix of survivors and radiant insignias
  • (Health should be around 480 without Scythe and Energy around 30)
  • Maxed Scythe of Fortitude with a 15^50 Inscr. and 20% of AP
  • Defensive set: Shield with 45 health boost while enchanted and wand with 5 Energy boost
  • Any Longbow for pulling

Usage Edit

  • During fights maintain Vital Boon and Aura of holy Might
  • When there are physical attackers maintain convictions as well
  • Cast Sand shards as often as possible in order to create sandstorms more often
  • When attacking use the skills 2-3. Be careful with the timing of 2, as the effects are quite different
  • Use Aura of Thorns as a snare
  • When low on health use Vital Boon and Signet opl. for a spike heal

Counters Edit

  • Blindness
  • General Anti-melee
  • Very heavy enchantment removal

Variants Edit

  • By using Unseen Fury instead of conviction stances can be removes too, making you unblockable most of the time

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