__ of the Day Project Edit

In order to further the __ of the Day project, interested people could consider the following possible __s of the Day.

  • Skill of the Day
  • User of the Day
  • Build of the Day
  • Insult of the Day

Currently we have:

{{Template:User:Defiant Elements/Word of the Day}}

{{Template:User:Eronth/Phrase of the Day}}

{{Template:User:Sneakysmith12/Joke of the Day}}

{{Template:User:Bluemilkman/Brainteaser of the Week}}

{{Template:User:Belgianbronco/Mr T Joke of the Day}}

{{User:Readem/Template:BotW}} (Build of the Week)

{{Template:User:Victoryisyours/Phobia of the Day}}

{{Template:User:Edru viransu/Historical Build of the Week}}

{{User:Linkin Park/Shadow of the day}}

{{Template:User:Treesbyty/Random Build of the Week}}

{{User:Wizardboy777/Quote of the Week}}

{{User:Wizardboy777/8BT Quote of the week}}

{{Template:User:Guild of Deals/Unused Skill of the Week}}

{{User:Mgrinshpon/Leet Build of the Whenever}}

{{User:Mgrinshpon/Quote of the Whenever}}

{{User:Klumpeet/Skill Combo of the Week}}

{{User:Lord of Destruction/Test of Skillz for the Week}}

{{User:Crossfirexiv/Overpowered Skill of the Week}}

{{User:Godliest/Random TB Creation of the Whenever I Make A New Build}}

{{User:I Am Jebus/Leet Quote of the Whenever}}

{{User:Ibreaktoilets/Euro Tactic of the Month}}

{{User:Ibreaktoilets/Gimmick of the Month}}

{{Template:User:Lord of Destruction/Pokemon of the Whenever}}

{{Template:User:Linix65/H4X Build of the Week}}

{{User:Korineczek/Monk Skill of the Day}}

{{User:Korineczek/Monk Build of the Month}}

{{User:Korineczek/Dead Skill of the Week}}

{{User:Satish/Underused Build of the Week}}


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