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Run friends or strangers through the mission Ruins of Morah for pleasure and profit.

Team composition Edit


Optional Glyph of Lesser Energy Great Dwarf Weapon Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Lightbringer Signet Optional Optional Resurrection Signet


Soldier's Fury "For Great Justice!" "Watch Yourself!" Blazing Spear Spear of Lightning Vicious Attack Spear of Redemption Resurrection Signet


Soldier's Fury "For Great Justice!" "Go for the Eyes!" Blazing Spear Spear of Lightning Barbed Spear Maiming Spear Resurrection Signet


Shield of Deflection Leech Signet Shield of Absorption Shielding Hands Dismiss Condition Inspired Hex Divine Healing Resurrection Signet

Sogolon (Motivation Henchman)

You Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=any/e][optional][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Great Dwarf Weapon][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][Lightbringer Signet][optional][optional][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optionals should be more offense/defense against Varesh.

Template Codes:

  • Necromancer OAZQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA
  • Elementalist OgBQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA
  • Assassin OwZQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA
  • Ritualist OAaQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA
  • Dervish OgaQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA
  • Paragon OQaQQAAIDri5iXcAAAACAA

Equipment Edit

  • Vigor, Vitae, Survivor runes
  • For paragon heroes, use the appropriate Shields of Fortitude and max spears with 15^50% inscriptions.

General Morgahn Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=p/w leadership=11+1 spear=10+1+1 tactics=10][Soldier's Fury]["For Great Justice!"]["Watch Yourself!"][Blazing Spear][Spear of Lightning][Vicious Attack][Spear of Redemption][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Hayda Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=p/w leadership=11+1 spear=11+1+1 command=8+1][Soldier's Fury]["For Great Justice!"]["Go for the Eyes!"][Blazing Spear][Spear of Lightning][Barbed Spear][Maiming Spear][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Tahlkora/Dunkoro/Ogden Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=mo/me protection=12+1+1 divine=11+1 inspiration=6][Shield of Deflection][Leech Signet][Shield of Absorption][Shielding Hands][Dismiss Condition][Inspired Hex][Divine Healing][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Usage Edit

  • Have anyone you're running either stand at the edge of the gate, or distract Varesh for a minute then die. Move towards the middle, activate Soldier's Fury and FGJ! on both your paragons, begin maintaining Great Dwarf Weapon on all three paragons, and take out the three monks.
  • After the monks are dead, run to the very center of the lowered area by checking your radar.
  • Once you're set up in the middle, continue maintaining GDW on all three paragons and cast Ebon Battle Standard of Honor and any other spells you may have when you have an opening.
  • Just before Varesh's first form dies, make sure you and your heroes are in the middle of the map (by flagging if necessary). After she dies, the demons will spawn around the perimeter, but just outside your aggro radius. As Varesh respawns, simply attack her, continue maintaining GDW on your paragons, and your heroes should take care of the rest.
  • Your team can handle mild additional aggro for a minute or so in Varesh's second form, if for some reason you attract it. Just be sure to keep your heroes attacking Varesh by pinging her. If a teammate dies, don't panic; heroes are pro at resurrecting. Simply keep attacking Varesh.


  • Different spear attacks for your heroes

Notes Edit

  • Sogolon (Henchman) is taken only because he is a paragon. Since the build relies on keeping Varesh on the ground to make fighting her easy, and staying in the center to avoid attracting the aggro of the demons around the outside, paragons are naturally the best choice.
  • If done correctly, you should finish in 3-4 minutes (NM or HM).
  • Heroes should be on Guard mode
  • The run is obviously easier with higher PvE ranks, although it should be more manageable at low ranks after the August 8th update.

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