Template:Build-Great This generates a constant and strong damage on the target by combining the Quick Shot, Kindle Arrows and Conjure skills.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build name="quick shot spiker" prof=range/eleme expert=11+1+1 marksm=9+1 wilderness=8+1 firema=8][quick shot][distracting shot][savage shot][optional][kindle arrows][conjure flame][optional][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>

For the optional spots you could use:

* Favourable Winds, for an easier spiking and +damage
* Antidote Signet, to cleanse from conditions
* Lightning Reflexes, to dodge melee or for better spiking when required
* Natural Stride, recommended if your on an Alliance Battle

Equipment Edit

  • Energy set for 35 energy.
  • Fiery bow fortidude.

Usage Edit

  • Activate Conjure and Kindle Arrows
  • Spike the target with Quick Shot
  • Use Distracting Shot and Savage Shot to interrupt target's skills.

Counters Edit

  • Skills like Signet of Humility, that afect your elite skill.
  • Continuos blocking of your atacks.

Notes Edit

Be careful of your energy because when spiking it runs low. If the enemy is under the efect of skills like Guardian, you call of you atacks.

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