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This build has been designed for the following use:

A versatile assisting Necro build to heal or absorb tons of conditions and/or hexes with Empathic Removal, Foul Feast and Remove Hex; and spread conditions and Necro hexes on ennemies.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Mo Curses=12+1+1 SoulReaping=12+1 ] [Optional][Optional][Optional][Foul Feast][Plague Sending][Empathic Removal][Remove Hex][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>



Some skills of your choice like :

  • Curse skills:
    • Faintheartedness [[Faintheartedness@14] For anti physical.
    • Insidious Parasite [[Insidious Parasite@14] For anti physical.
    • Enfeeble [[Enfeeble@14] For anti physical.
    • Defile Defenses [[Defile Defenses@14] Cover hex and damage on blocking targets.
    • Parasitic Bond [[Parasitic Bond@14] Cover hex, low degen and healing.
    • Barbs [[Barbs@14] For damage assit.
    • Rip Enchantment [[Rip Enchantment@14] For enchantments removing.
  • Soul Reaping skills:
    • Angorodon&#039;s Gaze [[Angorodon's Gaze@13] For energy management and damage.
    • Signet of Lost Souls [[Signet of Lost Souls@13] For energy management and self heal.

Equipment Edit

  • Survivor's Insigniae. Rune of Superior Vigor.
  • 40/40 Curses Set.

Usage Edit

  • Heal or absorb team mates tons of conditions and/or hexes with Empathic Removal, Foul Feast and Remove Hex.
  • Spread conditions with Plague Sending.
  • Use various Necro skill for damage assisting.
  • Resurrect your team mates with Resurrection Signet.

Counters Edit

Casters hate. </pvxbig>

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