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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is meant for Mesmers on the Luxon side of FA. It utilizes mesmers' primary attribute Fast Casting to quickly cast Ray of Judgment to take out NPCs (especially Gunther), as well as heavy degen magic spells from the illusion magic line to take out splitting players or amber runners.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Me/Mo Smiting=12 Illusion=11+1+2 fastcasting=6+1][Ray of Judgment][Illusion of Pain][Phantom Pain][Ethereal Burden][Scourge Healing][Scourge Enchantment][Reversal Of Damage][Illusion of Haste][/build]

First Two Optionals

  • [[Scourge Healing@12] + [[Scourge Enchantment@12] to prevent NPC bonding and to keep people from healing/protting Gunther
  • [[Smite Condition@12] + [[Smite Hex@12] to help support your team while doing damage.

Last Optional

  • [[Kitah's Burden@14] for another snare and easier e-managment.
  • [[Reversal of Damage@12] for protection and damage.
  • [[Distortion@14] to block.


Equipment Edit

The Equipment Template for this build is:
  • Full Survivors with the obvious runes.
  • 40/40 Smite set to cast RoJ.
  • Enchanting staff or Spear/Sword + offhand set to run.
  • Defensive Spear and Shield.

Usage Edit

Variants Edit

Counters Edit

  • Interrupts, Daze, anti-caster hexes and other general anti-caster skills.

Notes Edit

  • This build can be run with only minor runes, but you will lose the cap damage of IoP.
  • Energy can be tough to maintain with this build. Make sure you are spending your time killing NPCs, rather than wasting energy on players (unless they're running amber).

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