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This build has been designed for the following use:

This Vengeful Was Khanhei bar was designed to farm Bosses and mobs quickly, and take barely any damage with armor spells and the Health Gained from VWK

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Rt res=12 ear=11+3+1 ene=6+1][Vengeful Was Khanhei][Glyph of elemental Power][Sliver Armor@17][Armor of Earth@17][Stoneflesh Aura@17][Earth Attunement@17][Resilient Weapon][Soothing Memories][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Full Radiant + Attunement is Good.
  • A Restoration or Earth Staff with Insightful Staff Head mod and a Staff Wrapping of Fortitude on it
  • Enchantment 20% - great

Usage Edit

  • Use GoEP before battle
  • Use AoE + Stoneflesh then go into the mob
  • Use RW for more armor and Regen when needed
  • Rinse and Repeat

Farmable Areas Edit

  • Pongmei Valley (Stone Scale Kirin, Undergrowth, Xuekao)

Counters Edit

  • Mesmer Mobs
  • Energy Denial
  • Daze

Variants Edit

  • Add any skill that provides extra energy
  • Vengeful Weapon is pretty good.
  • Pretty much anything you want
  • Pain Inverter is good
  • Flame Djinn's Haste for long run

A Variant that can be used in Nolani on HM is as follows:

  • Vanguard Titles help

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Rt res=11 ear=12+3+1 ene=6+1][Vengeful Was Khanhei][Vengeful Weapon][Ward of Stability][Stoneflesh Aura@17][Sliver Armor][Earth Attunement@17][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][Kinetic Armor][/build] </pvxbig> [Radiation Field] can replaced [Ebon Battle Standard of Honor]

Notes Edit

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