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The PvXwiki community finds this to be an excellent build.

If you disagree with this rating, please discuss it on the build's talk page.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is to support physical damage players, using Order of Pain to increase damage. The build itself uses Ether Renewal to combat health sacrifice and energy cost of spells.

Ether Renewal OrdersEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/N energy=12+1+3 blood=12][ether renewal][aura of restoration][order of pain@14][dark fury@14][blood bond@14][optional][optional][awaken the blood][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slots for:

Earth Magic Variant (change Energy Storage to 10+3+1, Blood Magic to 10 and Earth Magic to 11+1).

Curses Variant (change Energy Storage to 10+3+1, Blood Magic to 10 and Curses to 11).

Water Magic Variant (Change Energy Storage to 10+3+1, Blood Magic to 10 and Water Magic to 11+1)

These skills do not require a heavy investment into Water Magic:

Equipment Edit

  • Armor Survivor and/or Radiant insignia with vigor rune (try not to make the heroes health far above 500)
  • Weapons +20% enchantment blood magic staff, two HCT mods

Usage Edit


  • Maintain Awaken the Blood, Aura of Restoration and Ether Renewal


  • Set the hero to Guard.

Counters Edit

  • Heavy enchantment removal.
  • Generic caster-hate.

Notes Edit

  • Ether Renewal can be maintained without Glyph of Swiftness as long as consumables are used.

See also Edit

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