This build uses Master of magic to grant a good compromise between offensive and defensive power, and is meant to farm mobs of meele attackers.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/any] Energy Storage=12+1+1[Bed of Coals][Aftershock][Meteor Shower][Optional][Optional][Master of Magic][Magnetic Aura][Glyph of Sacrifice][/build] </pvxbig>

Optional Skill Edit

 [Whirlwind]/[Tenai's Wind] can be good choices for 1 or 2 extra knockdowns.
 [Djinn's Haste] is a good choice if you need to run past stuff.
 [Stoneflesh aura] if the enemy can kill you through Magnetic Aura.
 [Aura of Restoration] if you need some healing.
 [Inferno]/[Flame Burst] for additional damage.

Equipment Edit

 Any equipment should do, but halves recharge/casting time can be usefull.

Usage Edit

When you stop the meele mob, cast MoM and magnetic aura. Run in, when they start being approaching start casting Bed of Coals, it should start the moment they reach you. When you finish casting it, use glyph and throw Meteor Shower. While they are knocked down use aftershock and any other spell you brought. If someone survived throw the first spell that recharges. A good target could be the trolls in the cave outside Droknars Forge.

Counters Edit

Forgetting to cast MoM. D'UH! Losing the enchantments. You ain't supposed to use it against enemies that have those!!

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