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Utilizes several skills to increase maximum health allowing for the spamming of Chilling Victory.

Attributes and Skills Edit

[build prof=Dervish/Warrior Scythemastery=12+1+1 Mysticism=11+1 Earthprayers=6][Aura of Thorns][Chilling Victory][Victorious Sweep][Pious Fury]["For Great Justice!"][Avatar of Melandru][Intimidating Aura][Eternal Aura][/build]

Equipment Edit

  • Survivor Insignia and Vitae Runes
  • Enchantments last 20% longer scythe

Usage Edit

  • Maintain Avatar of Melandru, Intimidating Aura, and Eternal Aura.
  • When engaging groups, use Aura of Thorns and end it with Pious Fury.
  • Use "For Great Justice!" and spam Chilling Victory and Victorious Sweep as needed.
  • If allies die, use Pious Fury to end Eternal Aura.

Counters Edit

  • Spread out groups greatly reduce the potential of Chilling Victory.


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