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This build is designed to use the famous Trampling Ox/Horns of the Ox + Falling Lotus Strike/Falling Spider Strike combinations to disable targets with knockdowns. The build's essence is Flourish, what allows you to recharge the knockdown skills instantly while also managing your energy with zealous mod/Falling Lotus Strike/Flourish. It currelntly can't reserve a slot for Resurrection Signet, I'm working on the solution. If you have any ideas, please share them with me.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/W Dagger=12+1+1 Critical=10+1 Deadly=8+1][Enduring Toxin][Black Mantis Thrust][Jungle Strike][Trampling Ox][Falling Lotus Strike][Horns of the Ox][Falling Spider][Flourish][/build] </pvxbig>


<pvxbig> [build prof=A/W Dagger=12+1+1 Critical=10+1 Shadow=8+1][Shadowy Burden][Black Mantis Thrust][Jungle Strike][Trampling Ox][Falling Lotus Strike][Horns of the Ox][Falling Spider][Flourish][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit


  • Nightstalker's //Survivor's Mask of Minor Dagger Mastery
    • 70 AR / +15 AR While Attacking //+5 Health / +1+1 Dagger Mastery
  • Survivor's Guise of Superior Vigor
    • 70AR / +15 Helath / +50 Health
  • Nightstalker's //Survivor's Gloves of Minor Critical Strikes
    • 70 AR / +15 AR While Attacking //+5 Health / +1 Critical Strikes
  • Survivor Leggings of Vitae
    • 70 AR / +10 Health / +10 Health
  • Nightstalker's //Survivor's Shoes of Minor Deadly Arts //of Minor Shadow Arts (if choosing the Shadowy Burden Variant)
    • 70 AR / +15 AR While Attacking //+5 Health / +10 Health


  • Zealous Daggers of Fortidute with "Strenght and Honor"
    • 7-17 Pirecing Dmg// 7-17 Slashing Dmg / Energy gain on hit:1 / Energy regeneration -1 / +30 Health / +15% Damage while Health is above 50% / +20% Damage (Customized)

Usage Edit

  • Step 1: Hex the target (not necessary, if the foe is already hexed)
  • Step 2: Use your skill combination (2-7)
  • Step 3: Flourish
  • Step 4: Repeat from Step 2
  • If necessary, recast the Hex, but remember, that your Crippled Condition remains on the target even if the Hex gets removed. However, in order to reapply the Crippled condition, you need to recast your hex on the target (not necessary, if the foe is already hexed), and then use your Black Mantis Thrust.
  • It's also a great aspect of the build, that if one of your attack skills become disabled, which's in the deck, you can use you Flourish to recharge it. It can help against disables, such as Diversion, or Shield Bash.

Counters Edit

  • Reality
  • General Anti-Melee
  • Anti KD (bware of the monks' common used Balanced Stance!)

Variants Edit

  • The far superior palm striker build with both those KD's
  • You can replace the Hex if you are sure someone else will apply a Hex on the target, and you can replace it with a defensive skill, such as


  • Critical Defenses [[Critical Defenses@11]
  • Shadow Refuge [[Shadow Refuge@9]
  • Or whatever you want
  • You can also replace the hex with something other, however I advice a low cooldown hex, because it's in case that you need to reapply the hex after every Flourish. You can also choose a long lasting hex, if you are not afraid of getting your Crippled condition removed, such as
  • Augury of Death [[Augury of Death@9]
  • Mirrored Stance [[Mirrored Stance@9]


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