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Abuses the Shadow Form and Signet of Mystic Speed to bypass the Mindblade Spectre's Leech Signet, to successfully farm them in NM.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D sha=12+1+3 cri=6+1 scy=9 win=4 earthp=6][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Critical Agility][Signet of Mystic Speed][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build] Optional Optional slots for:

  • Sand Shards [[Sand Shards@6] - recommended
  • Crippling Victory [[Crippling Victory@9] , works best with reap impurities on chain.
  • Reap Impurities [[Reap Impurities@9] - recommended


  • Mystic Sandstorm [[Mystic Sandstorm@10] - Note - They will flee once below 20% health when using this skill.
  • Pious Concentration [[Pious Concentration@10]
  • Sand Shards [[Sand Shards@10]
  • Dark Escape [[Dark Escape@16] - If you don't wan't to use personal con
  • The dark escape or con's only improve the run's stability, anti-fail for triggering the traps or loosing aggro when doing a step wrong.


  • Great Dwarf Armor [[Great Dwarf Armor@10] If you feel you won't survive, or want to aggro big pile of groups
  • Shadow Sanctuary [[Shadow Sanctuary@10] If again, you feel like you won't survive. Or Shadow Refuge [[Shadow Refuge@16]
  • &quot;I Am Unstoppable!&quot; [["I Am Unstoppable!"@10] Anti trap- if you feel like doing pools to, survive.


Equipment Edit

Usage Edit

  • Grab a 7 hero team
  • Clear Chamber and Aatxe's
  • Take the Lost Souls quest
  • Aggro all, let heroes come after bodyblock.
  • Run to the crosspoint and clear them to.
  • Run to the Behemoth's
  • If it's not blocked. Run past it and use a personal con(cupcake for running or candy)
  • Run to the plains
  • Dodge blacknesses.
  • At plains, kill the first group.
  • Now be careful -
  • You must use Signet of Mystic Speed every time for SF & Shroud of distress
  • Aggro the Mindblades.
  • *IMPORTANT* - Bodyblock them to a wall that's on your right side. (See the video if you don't know)
  • Kill them and rinse and repeat the usage.
  • Collect ecto's, clear plains - dodge dhuums.

Counters Edit

Variants Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/A name="Dervish Variant" sha=12 scy=9 win=7+1 earthp=6+1+1 mys=3+1][Signet of Mystic Speed][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Crippling Victory][Reap Impurities][Sand Shards][Grenth's Aura][/build] </pvxbig>

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D name="Vampiric Variant" sha=12+1+3 scy=9 win=9][Signet of Mystic Speed][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Crippling Victory][Reap Impurities][Grenth's Aura][Drunken Master][/build] </pvxbig>

See also Edit

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