This build does damage and put alots of good conditions on your foes.

I don't know how to put build in the way everyone else is so if you know how please do it for me, thanks.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=assassin/paragon critical strike=12+1+2 spear mastery=12stunning strike blazing spear wild throw ebon escape spear of fury"you are all weaklings!"way of the master critical eye

Equipment Edit

put nighstalker on helmet and +2 critical strikes, put survivor rune and superior vigor on chest. put brawling rune and vitae on arms. put radiant rune and vitae on legs. radient rune on shoes and rune of clarity use a spear with a focus. best with damage +15% while above 50% health, +30 health and double adrenaline gain 10%. focus +30 health.

Variants Edit

instead of ebon escape try tryptophan signet or barbed spear and signet of infection instead of wild throw and ebon escape.

Notes Edit

best used with discordway and a hex spammer hero.

Usage Edit

use 7 and 8

start off fight with you'r all weaklings and spear of fury

use any other skill while recharging

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