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The Empathic Paladin deals moderate damage to his enemies while removing conditions and hexes from himself and his allies with ease. This build is extremely effective in split GvG builds where an offensive split may or may not have a monk with them. This allows for one skill slot, albeit an elite one, to be able to keep 2 or more characters free of conditions and hexes.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build name="Empathic Paladin" prof=warri/monk streng=8+1 swords=12+1+3 tactic=10+1][sever artery][gash][final thrust][frenzy][sprint][healing signet][empathic removal][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • May drop Strength to 4 (3+1) and put the rest of the points in Tactics to get a stronger healing, albeit a reduced Sprint time by a mere 2 seconds.

Equipment Edit

  • The armor set of your choice.
  • Vampiric Sword of Fortitude and Zealous Sword of Fortitude for a PvP character. If you are using a PvE character, also use an Ebon Sword of Fortitude and a wand/shield combo of your choice.

Usage Edit

  • Use Frenzy to deal out fast damage and use Sprint to cancel it if you come under focused fire.
  • Use your adrenal attacks in order to do a spike of damage.
  • Use Empathic Removal on any allies that have either hexes or conditions, or both. Also use it if you have conditions or hexes on you.
  • Use your ebon weapon (if you have it) to cut through enemy warrior's resistance to physical damage.
  • Use your wand (if you have it) to build up adrenaline before engaging.
  • Use Healing Signet to heal up incidental damage and to ease pressure off of your monks. Do NOT use it when under focused fire.

Counters Edit

  • Conditons and Hexes that stack quickly.
  • Skills that reduce adrenaline gain or stop it completely (Soothing, Ancestor's Visage, etc).
  • This build is much more resistant to normal hex- or condition-based warrior counters.

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