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This build has been archived as of 22:20, 2 March 2008 (EST), for the following reason:

  • Soul Reaping nerfs

This build had been designed for the following use:

This build was in the category No category specified before being archived.

The Team Edit

Hex Pressure, combined with the imba RaO; equals for the win.

#1: RaO Thumper

Rampage as One Hammer Bash Crushing Blow Bestial Mauling Grapple Comfort Animal Charm Animal Resurrection Signet

#2: Tainter/Secondary Healer

Tainted Flesh Rotting Flesh Rising Bile Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Life Recuperation Death Pact Signet

#3: Corrupt Necromancer/Secondary Healer

Corrupt Enchantment Barbs Rising Bile Parasitic Bond Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Recovery Flesh of My Flesh

#4: Shadow Arts ZB Monk

Zealous Benediction Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Gift of Health Spirit Bond Signet of Devotion Return Deny Hexes

#1: RaO Thumper Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/W expert=8+1 beastm=10+1+1 hammer=12][Rampage as One][Hammer Bash][Crushing Blow][Bestial Mauling][Energizing Wind][Charm Animal][Comfort Animal][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Role in Team Edit

  • Most of the Damage comes from this character. Unless there is a secondary healer (as there is in this build), he is generally able to make short-work of any stand-alone Monk. Make sure that he is constantly drawn/pre-veiled. Make sure to call Blind/ect.

Equipment Edit

  • Radiant Armor.
  • Zealous or Vampiric Hammer of Fortitude with 15^50.
  • Sundering Hammer of Fortitude with +5 Energy
  • High Energy Set Staff (Can be kept in inventory, use when you have max/close to maximum DP)
  • +5 Energy Sword of Fortitude/Heal Set Shield
  • Rune of Clarity

Usage Edit

  • Pre-set EW at the start of every match.
  • Select target, and begin gaining adrenaline
  • When charged, use Hammer Bash < Crushing Blow < Bestial Mauling to inflict a KD/DW/ and Daze.
  • Target swap when necessary.
  • Defensively-train, when necessary.
  • Resurrect Allies when necessary.

Counters Edit

  • Standard Anti-melee Counters
  • Killing EW (Energy Problems)

#2: Tainter/Secondary Healer Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Rt Deathmagic=12+1+1 Soulreaping=8+1 Restoration=10][Tainted Flesh][Rotting Flesh][Rising Bile][Mend Body and Soul][Spirit Light][Life][Recuperation][Death Pact Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Role in Team Edit

  • Acts a Secondary Healer, and provides some energy management through spirits for the Necromancers. It protects the team, by spreading Disease, further pressuring the target healer(s).

Equipment Edit

Usage Edit

  • Cast Spirits (After EW has been placed)
  • Use Tainted Flesh in synergy with Rotting Flesh, to create mass amounts of Degen-pressure to the other team. Coordinate with your frontline, to spread disease to all targets, via the pet.
  • Cast Rising Bile on selected target, and make sure that it is covered by PB (Coordinate through vent to do this, or simply call it). Further instructions below.
  • Heal Party Members when necessary, through the use of MBaS and Spirit Light.
  • Resurrect Allies when necessary. Make sure to coordinate with your team, when doing so.

Counters Edit

#3: Corrupt Necromancer/Secondary Healer Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Rt Curs=9+1 Deathm=9+1+1 Rest=10 Soulreap=8+1][Corrupt Enchantment][Barbs][Rising Bile][Parasitic Bond][Mend body and Soul][Spirit Light][Recovery][Flesh of My Flesh][/build] </pvxbig>

Role in Team Edit

  • Acts as a general Secondary Healer. Removes hindering Enchantments, such as SoR, PS/SB, or Guardian. Significantly increases frontliner's DPS through Barbs, and creates further pressure, through the coordinated use of Rising Bile.

Equipment Edit

Usage Edit

  • Set up Spirit (Recovery)
  • Heal when necessary by using Mend Body and Soul and Spirit Light
  • Corrupt when necessary, coordinate through vent when doing so.
  • Use Barbs to increase frontliner's DPS; make sure to cover with PB.
  • Coordinate with your team, on the usage of Dual Rising Bile. Make sure it is cast on two separate targets, and quickly covered with PB. Reapply when recharged.
  • Use FoMF when necessary (Remember to tell your team immediately, if the res fails.)

Counters Edit

  • Standard Anti-caster Counters
  • Heavy Hex-removal

#4: Shadow Arts ZB Monk Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/assas protec=12+1+1 divine=9+1 Healing=9+1 shadow=3][zealous benediction][Reversal of fortune][Dismiss condition][Gift of Health][Spirit Bond][Signet of Devotion][Return][Deny Hexes][/build] </pvxbig>

Role in Team Edit

  • General, all purpose healer.

Equipment Edit

  • Survivor/Blessed Insignias.
  • Neg/defensive set, casting set, high set.
  • 8 shields with +30 HP; 7 with different armor mods (Fire, Lightning, Cold, Earth, Piercing, Slashing, Blunt) and extend Crip duration 33% (Sword) offhands.

Usage Edit

  • ZB acts as a energy efficient Boon-heal.
  • RoF is your main heal, use it to counter a spike, and or as a general all purpose heal.
  • Dismiss Condition to remove conditions.
  • Use SB to counter more powerful spikes.
  • SoD+DH as both a free-heal, and a powerful source of hex removal.
  • Use Return to escape from troublesome frontliners. It can also be used to snare opposing monks/midliners. Remember to coordinate the Return, through vent and to weapon swap when doing so to your 33% crip offhand.

Counters Edit

  • Standard Anti-caster Counters
  • Heal-overlap

Variants Edit

Depends on your preference really. Most prefer to run ZB in TA however.

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