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Henchway is a PvP team build in GvG and Heroes' Ascent composed of 50% or more henchmen. The name of the build is a nod to the "IWAY" team build.

Different compositions Edit

4/4 or 2/4 : 4/4 is 4 humans, 4 henchmen. 4/4 is the only build which can be run in guild battles if you so desire. You simply grab 4 henchmen, and 4 human players, and you're set. 2/4 Is for Heroes' Ascent, just take 4 henchmen, and 2 human players to fill the 6 player requirement. Note about 2/4 in Heroes' Ascent: In a recent update, the number of Heroes and Henchmen combined in a team cannot be greater than three. Due to this, the 2/4 setup is now impossible.

1/5: This can only be run in Heroes' Ascent. To run this build: First, fill up the team with 4 henchmen. Then acquire another player who is willing to leave after you defeat the Zaishen Guards and before the countdown starts. Have the player leave after you defeat the Zaishen Guards and before the timer starts. The next round you will aquire 1 more henchman.


The upside to Henchway is that you are worrying less about human players, since the henchmen will attack whoever the human players attack. This calls for much less coordination between the human players. If your team has a lack of Teamspeak or Ventrilo, Henchway might be a good choice to consider. Henchway can apply pressure, or be a successful spiking build and can also be very effective on defense, due to the healer henchmens' instant reactions. A downside to henchmen is that once they are attacked, they will charge at the enemy, regardless of what the rest of the team is doing. The key is not to rush, but to stay back and allow the enemy to come to you. Switching to targets quickly can create a spike.Henchway has a limited area of effectiveness, due to the composure of the AI.

Builds Edit

Most common build for a 4/4:


  • Warrior of any sort
  • Spiteful Spirit necromancer with Mark of Pain and Frozen Soil
  • 4 other henchmen


  • Warrior or Necromancer
  • 5 other henchmen

HoH Henchmen Edit

Henchmen in the HoH use the following skills:

Zaishen Fighter Zaishen Archer Zaishen Mage Zaishen Healer

External LinksEdit

Screenshots of this build in action can be found here

  • Hall of Heroes done with 7 Henchmen:


1 minute remains

  • Two Consecutive Wins:


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