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The PvXwiki community finds this to be a good build.

If you disagree with this rating, please discuss it on the build's talk page.

This build has been designed for the following use:

This team uses a dual assassin frontline with heavy unblockable damage, supported by a BP support smiter and a HC monk.

Roster Edit

#1&2 A/W SA sins

Golden Fox Strike Wild Strike Shattering Assault Optional Rush Critical Eye Assassin's Remedy Resurrection Signet

#3 Mo/any - BP Smiter

Balthazar's Pendulum Reversal of Damage Smite Condition Smite Hex Castigation Signet Smiter's Boon Strength of Honor Resurrection Signet

#4 Mo/W - HC Spam Monk

Patient Spirit Dwayna's Kiss Vigorous Spirit Spotless Soul Spotless Mind Contemplation of Purity Healer's Covenant Disciplined Stance

#1&2 SA sins Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/Warrior Critical=12+1 Dagger=12+1+1][Golden Fox Strike][Wild Strike][Shattering Assault][Optional][Rush@0][Critical Eye][Assassin's Remedy][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional is for Impale or Golden Fang Strike.

Usage Edit

  • Spam attack skills and own.

Equipment Edit

  • Zealous, Vampiric and Ebon Daggers of Fortitude.
The Equipment Template for this build is:

Counters Edit

  • Standard melee counters, allthough not blocking.
  • Enchantment removal.

#3 BP Smiter Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/any Smiting=12+1+1 Divine=12+1][Balthazar's Pendulum][Reversal of Damage][Smite Condition][Smite Hex][Castigation Signet][Smiter's Boon][Strength of Honor][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Usage Edit

  • Keep SoH up.
  • If low on energy take off one or both of the SoHs untill your energy is back enough
  • Castig for energy.
  • Heal.

Equipment Edit

  • A +5 energy spear/axe/sword of Fortitude.
  • A Smiting offhand.
  • A defensive set (Weapon and Shield).
  • A low/high energy set.

Counters Edit

  • Standard caster counters.
  • Heavy enchantment removal.

Variants Edit

  • Draw conditions (depending on meta).

#4 HealspamEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/W Divine=10+1 Healing=12+1+1 tactic=8][Patient Spirit][Dwayna's Kiss][Spotless Mind][Spotless Soul][Vigorous Spirit][Contemplation of Purity][Healer's Covenant][Disciplined Stance][/build] </pvxbig>

Usage Edit

  • Spam stuff.

Equipment Edit

  • 10%HSR/+20% Enchanting weapon with a 20/20 offhand for casting enchantments.
  • +5e/+30hp weapon and shield (pref r8).
  • Mix blessed with survivor insigna's.

Counters Edit

  • Standard caster counters.


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