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The Choking Gas Ranger utilizes the combination of Practiced Stance and Choking Gas to indefinitely interrupt spells with your arrows. It's specifically aimed at shutting down targets that cast spells. It also uses Seeking Arrows to ensure interruptions on the Ghostly Hero in the Hall of Heroes.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/warri expert=10+1 wilder=10+1+1 marksm=11+1][distracting shot][savage shot][debilitating shot][seeking arrows][flurry][choking gas][practiced stance][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Your armor of preference, Radiant Insignias are nice for the Energy bonus.
  • Best vigor rune possible. All minor runes to conserve health.
  • A good Bow, preferably a Recurve Bow and a Shortbow since you need fast recharge and/or fast arrow travel times.
    • A Recurve bow should be used when interrupting the Ghostly Hero, a Shortbow should be used with Choking Gas.


  • When only little time is left until start, use Practiced Stance.
  • Make out your target.
  • Once you're almost in range and the battles are starting, cast Choking Gas.
  • Use Flurry whenever possible after Choking Gas is applied. Practiced Stance does not need to be kept up all the time as the effect only requires it to be active when Choking Gas is applied.
  • Use Distracting Shot on enemies that use Resurrection Signet, Healing Signet, or Troll Unguent.
  • Use Savage Shot on regular basis whenever you can interrupt something and your energy allows you to do so. Keep in mind the aftershot delay on Savage Shot will lengthen the duration until your next interupting auto shot.


  • Interrupt choking gas.
  • No defense makes it dependent on being healed by someone else. Can be remedied by the inclusion of Troll Unguent
  • Empathy, Spiteful Spirit or any other anti-attacking hex.
  • Aegis, Guardian, or similar skills (assuming you can't interrupt them).
  • Note: If an arrow is blocked it can still interrupt due to Choking Gas.
  • Blindness and Crippled.
  • You can time 1 sec cast time spells through arrow hits even when they have Flurry up.


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