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  • Fallen out of use

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This build was in the category great before being archived.

This build uses curses skills combined with expertise to create an extremely durable capper.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=r/n exp=10+1+1 wil=8 cur=12][escape][optional][troll unguent][plague touch][rip enchantment][rend enchantments][insidious parasite][enfeeble][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Survivor Insignias.
  • High energy staff or a spear and shield.
  • 3 Runes of Vitae.


  • Hero does work.


  • Insidious Parasite may need to be disabled and microed to maintain energy.


  • Parasitic Bond over Enfeeble or Rip Enchantment for a cover hex, degenration, and healing.
  • Enfeebling Touch over Enfeeble for better energy management.
  • Foul Feast

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