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  • Outdated
  • No one used this

This build had been designed for the following use:

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This build uses the basics of an Elementalist Earth Tank setup to farm the Gates of Kryta in Hard Mode.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/E name="Gates of Kryta HM farm" Exp=5+1+1 Wil=11+1 Air=4 Ear=12][Kinetic Armor][Stone Striker][Glyph of Swiftness][Stoneflesh Aura][Sliver Armor][Light of Deldrimor][Melandru's Resilience][Storm Chaser][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Full Earthbound Insignia
  • A one-handed weapon with +20% Enchant and +5 energy.
  • A shield with Health +45 (stance/enchanted) and Armor +10 vs. Earth

Usage Edit

Counters Edit

  • Enchant removal
  • Stance removal
  • Dazed Dazed

Variants Edit

Locations Edit

  • Gates of Kryta HM
    • It is advised to kill skeleton rangers and grasping ghouls before the other enemies. The rangers are difficult to defeat when by themselves, and the graspings will take a while due to their crippling+"Victory is Mine!" combo.
    • If a caster boss spawns at the nearest boss point, this build can farm it.
    • The ranger boss will kill you by inflicting daze. Do not approach him.
  • Nebo Terrace HM - from Bergen Hot Springs
    • Bring Troll Unguent in place of Kinetic Armor for the all-ranger groups.
  • Xaquang Skyway NM - Vermin
    • Bring Ward of Stability and "I am Unstoppable!" (to cover the ward's downtime) in place of Kinetic Armor and Light of Deldrimor.
    • Alternate between Storm Chaser and Melandru's Resilience depending on your need for health or energy.

Posted Video of the run Edit

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