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The Saccer is Necromancer PvP Build that uses Blood is Power along with Awaken the Blood to kill themselves very quickly. This build was created specifically for EoE Bomb team builds for use in the Global Tournament.

EoE Skillset Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=necro/any bloodm=8+1 deathm=12+1+3 soulre=10+1][touch of agony][signet of agony][awaken the blood][blood is power][dark aura][death nova][putrid explosion][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

You will need to coordinate with your team on health, although the amount shouldn't matter. BiP is a percentage sacrifice unlike Illusion of Weakness which is a set amount. Weapons shouldn't matter, but an Insightful Cruel Staff of Enchanting will help lengthen Awaken the Blood, Death Nova and Dark Aura.

Usage Edit

Your team will not want to appear as an Edge Bomb so after casting Awaken the Blood, Dark Aura and Death Nova on yourself, you may want to run into the battle after the Edge of Extinction spirit has been dropped and then your party member with Light of Dwayna casts Mark of Protection on themselves. Spam Touch of Agony and Signet of Agony along with Putrid Explosion, while other members use Blood is Power on another party member. All of the saccers of your team should be dead, resulting in a "bomb" like effect.

Variants Edit

Counters Edit

  • This build is heavily reliant on Edge of Extinction, if you can kill that spirit before the Saccers suicide they should be easy to finish off. Alternativly if you recognise that you're fighting an Edge Bomb team you can try to run out of the range of Edge of Extinction.
  • Any skill that increases health can be use in an attempt to survive the Edge Bomb. (E.g. Endure Pain, Symbiosis etc.)
  • If you kill the Monk in charge of resurrecting then you may be able to salvage a draw (or both teams will respawn).

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