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  • Soul Barbs/Recurring Insecurity spike fell out of use

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Based on triggering Soul Barbs repeatedly with spammed hexes, this build makes use of Assassin's Promise in order to maintain effectiveness after the current target dies.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=necro/assas curses=12+1+3 soulre=3+1 deadly=12 bloodm=0+1][soul barbs][assassins promise][parasitic bond][enduring toxin][siphon speed][mark of death][resurrection signet][strip enchantment][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Curse wand and focus with 20% cast and recharge.

Usage Edit

  • Start by casting Soul Barbs on your intended target, then begin to spam hexes.
  • Use Assassin's Promise as the target is about to die, giving you a larger window to finish them off than if you cast it when the target had more health. Make sure to follow Promise quickly with another cover hex (such as Parasitic Bond), so that it doesn't get removed before you can finish the target (in case Assassin's Promise itself doesn't kill them).
  • The recharge from Assassin's Promise (as well as the energy gain from both it and Soul Reaping) allow you to immediately target a new opponent after one dies, without having to wait for Soul Barbs to recharge in order to begin the combo again. The added health from Parasitic Bond's trigger also helps keep you recover after the target dies, so waiting for health to recharge between fights isn't a problem either.
  • This build is especially effective against melee opponents, since the combination of Enduring Toxin, Siphon Speed, and Soul Barbs serve to kill your target and ensure you maintain enough distance while kiting to not be killed yourself.
  • Assassin's Promise can be applied on targets of opportunity (namely, nearby opponents about to die), in order to provide an "extra" energy boost and recharge midway through killing a target. Sometimes, this extra boost is enough to finish off the current target when it might not otherwise be possible.

Counters Edit

  • Stripping Soul Barbs severely hinders this build. Since cover hexes should be present (due to hex spamming), only mass removal such as Contemplation of Purity become real problems in this regard.
  • Unlike many builds, fleeing does not generally work as a counter, since it will cause Enduring Toxin to be reapplied multiple times, resulting in more damage and preventing natural health regeneration from occuring.

Notes Edit

  • The effectiveness of this build is greatly increased when teamed with a Mesmer carrying Recurring Insecurity, or simply other hex spammers.

See also Edit

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