This build has been archived as of 10:09, 11 May 2008 (EDT), for the following reason:

  • Increased use of Shattering Assault assassins and enchantment removal in the meta, WoH and Patient Spirit buffs made ZB much less popular.

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Viable in both Random and Team Arenas, this monk relies on Frenzied Defense to protect itself from melee damage. The synergy of Frenzied Defense with Protective Spirit and the energy-saving quality of Zealous Benediction result in a resilient, efficient solo healer.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/warri divine=12+1 prot=12+1+1][reversal of fortune][guardian][dismiss condition][shield of absorption][zealous benediction][holy veil][protective spirit][frenzied defense][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Max AL armor with Survivor Insignias should be used. High health (600 HP or more) is crucial to a monk.
  • -5e/+30hp weapon and a +10al/+30hp shield for every damage type to be used in the event of e-denial.
  • +5e/+30hp weapon and a +10al/+30hp shield for every damage type as a defense set.
  • 40/40/20 staff to be used for casting.
  • 30/2 high energy set to be used for additional energy.

Usage Edit

  • Frenzied Defense is your main melee defense. Activate only in conjunction with Protective Spirit.
  • Preveil, preprot with Protective Spirit, Guardian, and Shield of Absorption, and catch spikes with Reversal of Fortune.
  • Heal allies under 50% health with Zealous Benediction.

Counters Edit

  • Standard monk counters; interrupts, energy denial, mass pressure.
  • Enchant stripping.

Variants Edit

  • Signet of Devotion can be used if you are uncomfortable with e-management. Beware of its 2 second cast time.
  • Shielding Hands can be used instead of Shield of Absorption.
  • Draw Conditions/Mending Touch can be used in place of Dismiss Condition and Shield of Absorption to provide superior condition removal.

Notes Edit

  • Do not use Frenzied Defense without also being under the effects of Protective Spirit. If you face casters (i.e. Elementalists), Shattering Assault sins, or are under the effects of a non-block hex (i.e. Rigor Mortis, Defile Defenses), you will take heavy damage.
  • Despite its comparatively long duration, try to use Frenzied Defense as you would any other defensive stance (when you miss a preprot and get knocklocked). In general, prot yourself and kite like normal, only using Frenzied Defense in emergencies. Hitting Frenzied Defense on recharge will waste energy, as intelligent frontliners will switch to more vulnerable targets.

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