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This build has been archived as of 23:48, 14 May 2009 (UTC), for the following reason:

  • Nerf to SoH.

This build had been designed for the following use:

This build was in the category great before being archived.

Uses Strength of Honor to buff up melee on your team while removing conditions like a bot and having dual hex removal to counter the current hex-meta.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/R DivineFavor=11+1+1 SmitingPrayers=11+1 WildernessSurvival=8 ProtectionPrayers=3][Melandru's Resilience][Draw Conditions][Reversal of Damage][Smite Hex][Remove Hex][castigation signet][strength of honor][resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Blessed or Survivor's Insignias, a Rune of Superior Vigor, a Rune of Recovery and Runes of Vitae.
  • A Spear of Fortitude inscribed with "I have the power!" with a Smiting Prayers Focus of Fortitude.
  • A Smiting Prayers Wand inscribed with "Seize the Day" and a Smiting Prayers Focus Inscribed with "Live for Today."
  • A Spear of Enchanting inscribed with "Brawn Over Brains" and a Shield of Fortitude.
  • You may wish to use the inscription "Soundness of Mind" to reduce the duration of Dazed.

Usage Edit

Counters Edit

  • Stance Removal can impede your energy management.
  • Foes that don't utilize many conditions (or hexes on you) will render Melandru's Resilience useless.
  • Anti-caster.

Variants Edit

See Also Edit

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