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The SB/Infuser is designed to counter spike damage. A single cast of Infuse Health will bring an ally from very low health up to full health nearly instantly.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/mesme healin=11+1 divine=12+3+1 inspir=6][infuse health][healing touch][orison of healing][healing seed][spell breaker][inspired hex][channeling][optional][/build] </pvxbig> The last skill is commonly used for Dwayna's Kiss. If your group asks you for it, bring Blessed Aura instead. Blessed Aura is used along with a 20% Enchanting staff to make SB last 25-30 seconds.

Suggested EquipmentEdit

The most effective equipment depends on several factors.

  • If you trust the other monks to heal you, full Ascetic's Armor is ideal for the larger energy pool.
  • If you expect to come under fire, or if there are only two monks, go for Wanderer's Armor or Judge's Armor for the extra AL.

Use a 20/20 Insightful staff of Enchanting linked to Divine Favor. The suffix can be changed to of Fortitude if desired. Standard energy hiding alternate weapon sets are a must.


This build is generally used in a secondary support role. The primary roles are taken up by a full healing monk bearing Word of Healing and a monk specializing in Protection Prayers. This build is designed primarily to counter spike damage.

  • If the other team is spiking with spells, try to preempt the spike with Spell Breaker. Spell Breaker is excellent when used on the Ghostly Hero when holding altars.
  • If an ally has been spiked, then use Infuse Health as soon as possible. Don't bother waiting until the ally is nearly dead, because efficient spike teams deal all their damage in a matter of one or two seconds.
  • Follow up an Infuse Health with self-healing using Healing Touch, or you will mark yourself as the priority target.
  • Between Infuses, use Inspired Hex to remove dangerous hexes from allies.
  • Before using Spell Breaker cast Blessed Aura, then drop it after the spell is cast.


  • Replace the 2 Inspiration skills or Signet of Devotion with conditional removal, or other Inspiration skills.
  • To be a harder target, don't take the superior rune with you, use a minor rune instead.
  • To counter Mesmer builds using Migrane in HA bring Holy Veil and cast it before using your infuse.

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