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Healer's Boon takes normal Healing spells and pumps them up with more power and quicker activation. Combined with Channeling and fast-recharging spells, this makes for a solid healer good at mitigating raw damage. It does suffer from poor Hex and Condition removal, so it works best with another Monk. However, it has enough survivability to play an effective role in the PvP Arenas.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/mesme healin=12+1+2 divine=10+1 protec=2+1 inspir=8][words of comfort][dwaynas kiss][ethereal light][healing touch][dismiss condition][channeling][inspired hex][healers boon][/build] </pvxbig>


Usage Edit

  • The low Hex and Condition removal capability is compensated by the high healing power. The four Healing spells recharge fast enough that you can always cast at least one of them.
  • Even though Ethereal Light has the "easily interrupted" limitation (any direct weapon damage interrupts the cast), it becomes much stronger with a ½ second cast time from Healer's Boon, and Healing Touch, already powerful to begin with, becomes virtually uninterruptible.
  • If under heavy attack, resort to Healing Touch for yourself. Save Dwayna's Kiss for a fast response to your allies in trouble.
  • Dismiss Condition has a faster recharge than Mend Ailment, making it the skill of choice for removing a Condition.
  • Inspired Hex returns useful Energy with Inspiration Magic at 12. Channeling covers Healer's Boon and helps balance the -1 Energy regeneration penalty.

Variants Edit

  • Heal Party is often used in HA and GvG due to the extremely efficient party heal while under Healer's Boon. Keep in mind that this will be extremely hard on your energy, so efficient use of channeling and/or a supportive team build will be necessary.
  • Holy Haste stacks with Healer's Boon, allowing your Healing Prayers to cast 75% faster altogether. This will make Ethereal Light near impossible to interrupt, and allow your healing to be carried out more quickly.
  • Holy Veil can replace Inspired Hex.
  • Heal Other can replace Dwayna's Kiss or Ethereal Light for a fast big heal to save spikes with; similar in function to Infuse Health except without the health loss.

Counters Edit

Related Builds Edit

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