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  • ZB is only used in splits with shadow arts in GvG.

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This build uses the Monk elite skill Zealous Benediction to provide excellent healing for a party. It uses the Elementalist skill Glyph of Lesser Energy for energy management, allowing the ability to use high energy cost skills such as Aegis to provide party-wide protection.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/eleme protec=11+1+1 divine=11+1 healin=8+1][reversal of fortune][gift of health][zealous benediction][dismiss condition][protective spirit][glyph of lesser energy][aegis][holy veil][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Any weapon can be used with this build, providing you meet its requirements.
  • As with any caster build, it is preferred that you take a High, Medium, and Low energy set.
  • Recommended upgrades for your weapon include of Enchanting and of Fortitude suffix upgrades, and "I Have the Power!" inscriptions.

Usage Edit

  • Your primary healing skill is Gift of Health. It should be used on targets above 50% Health.
  • Use Reversal of Fortune as an immediate damage prevention, as well as healing, from the next attack.
  • Remove harmful conditions with Dismiss Condition. Note the healing bonus on enchanted targets.
  • Enchant allies with Protective Spirit for damage reduction.
  • Zealous Benediction should be used to heal targets under 50% Health.
  • Use Glyph of Lesser energy before casting Aegis to reduce its high energy cost.
  • Holy Veil should be used to remove hexes. (cast and remove)
  • Note that using Zealous Benediction on targets below 50% while under the effects of Glyph of Lesser Energy will actually result in net energy gain.

Counters Edit

  • Energy denial, while not as dangerous as it is on other builds, can still pose a problem with this build.
  • Diversion can be particularly devastating, as it can shut down a skill for a long duration.


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