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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build utilizes the effective support of the Blessed Light monk but adds more self-survivability with Return and Dark Escape.

Frequency Edit

Commonly seen in all areas of PvP.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/assas divine=12+1+1 healin=8+1 protec=8+1 shadow=7][reversal of fortune][gift of health][blessed light][signet of devotion][mend condition][spirit bond][dark escape][return][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Radiant or Survivor's Insignias.
  • 40/40 Divine Favor or Protection prayers Wand/Focus set.
  • A +5 Energy/+30 HP Spear with a crippling mod can be used with Return to boost the cripple duration.
  • A Negative Energy set.
  • A 30/-2 Set for emergencies.
  • A Defensive Spear/Shield Set.


  • Reversal of Fortune and Gift of Health are your two main healing spells.
  • Use Signet of Devotion whenever you can safely do so. This will help keep your energy reserves up.
  • Using Blessed Light to remove a hex and condition and to heal for its full amount is incredibly time- and energy-efficient; try to do this as often as possible.
  • Use Spirit Bond on targets that are likely to be taking large of amounts of damage soon, such as people being converged on by Warriors. Do not use it as a heal as it has a high energy cost.
  • Use Dark Escape when you are being targetted and are suffering lots of damage. The speed boost will help you get out of danger and you'll be taking half damage while doing so.
  • When being spiked by Warriors, use Return to teleport away from danger and leave the Warriors crippled.


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