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The Migraine Mesmer is a common component of hex builds, using Migraine to inhibit enemy casters and hexes to apply degeneration pressure.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

<pvxbig> [Build prof=Me/Rt illusi=12+1+1 inspir=10+1 fastca=6+1 domin=6+1][Migraine][Frustration][Power Spike][Optional][Cry of Frustration][Inspired Enchantment][Power Drain][flesh of my flesh@0] [/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Use full Survivor's Armor with the appropriate runes.
  • For a PvP character, weapon sets should be:
  • PvP Spear of Fortitude, Brawn Over Brains inscription, with a PvP Shield of Fortitude with a +armor inscription
  • PvP Spear of Fortitude, I Have the Power! inscription, and the shield from above
  • PvP Illusion Wand of Memory, Hale and Hearty inscription, with a PvP Illusion Focus of Fortitude, Forget Me Not inscription
  • The above wand, with a PvP Illusion Focus of Fortitude, Live For Today inscription

Usage Edit

  • Choose your target. Preferably a monk.
  • Cast Migraine and cover with Frustration.
  • Interrupt with Power Spike for damage.
  • When using Cry of Frustration, keep in mind it can interrupt anything, even attacks.
  • Use Power Drain to manage energy.
  • Use Inspired Enchantment to pull Veils or other enchantments.
  • Use Flesh of my Flesh to revive dead allies.

Variants Edit

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