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This build has been archived as of Saturday, November 1, 2008, for the following reason:

  • Nerf of Hidden Caltrops

This build had been designed for the following use:

This build was in the category good before being archived.

Uses standard Domination and powerful snares to win games.

Skills and Attributes Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Me/A Domination=12+1+1 Inspiration=10+1 Fastcasting=6+1 Shadow=6][Hidden Caltrops][Shatter Enchantment][power leak][power drain][Diversion][Shame][inspired enchantment][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig> <pvxbig>

Usage Edit

  • [[Hidden Caltrops@6|Hidden Caltrops] : HC is a powerful offensive and defensive snare. Use at your own discretion or coordinate its usage with your team so as to elevate their effectiveness. Drop this on a flagger leaving the stand if you want to win.
  • [[Shatter Enchantment@14|Shatter Enchantment] : Moar spike.
  • [[Power Leak@14|Power Leak] : Spank the monks for being impolite enough to try to heal.
  • [[Power Drain@10|Power Drain] : Emanage. Dont be bad and waste it. Use on an easy skill like guardian.
  • [[Diversion@14|Diversion] : Be good.
  • [[Shame@14|Shame] : Use on spikes if your team has no gale, or just use it fuck with them.
  • [[Inspired Enchantment@10|Inspired Enchantment] : Use on recharge tbh.
  • [[Resurrection Signet|Resurrection Signet] : ...


Equipment Edit

  • Meta Armor.
  • 40/40 Domination Set.
    • Defensive Set
      • Shield Switches
  • Run Crippling on +5 Spear.

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