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Total Number of Soloable Bosses: 82

  • Please add info of the level of difficulty for each boss (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard).


2 Current Bosses

Warrior (W)Edit
Elementalist (E)Edit


20 Current Bosses

Warrior (W)Edit
  • Axe Mastery
    • Warrior-icon-smallGeoffer Pain Bringer - Easy/Medium Surrounding groups can be pulled for additional damage from Sliver Armor. There is a rit that spawns with his group that will cast nightmare weapon making this a bit harder with timing, but still doable.
  • Strength
    • Warrior-icon-smallStrongroot Tanglebranch - Easy/Medium Run south of the Ritualist Construct to get to him. You must activate Shadow Form in the middle of the Ritualist's Construct group, then run to him. If there are any Afflicted Mesmers, rezone because they will cast Kitah's Burden which will slow you down by 50%. Dont activate Shadow Form too early or you will not have enough time remaining to kill the boss. Alternatively just avoid the Ritualist's Construct group by turning left into a small side path, instead of going right and pulling them. There will be two Stone Scale Kirin in your way, which can easily be shaken off using Dash. Then turn right and head back to Strongroot Tanglebranch. While approaching him you will almost inevitably pull another mob from the left, so make sure to cast Shadow Form in time. With the additional mob attacking you, he should go down very quickly. Occasionaly there are targeting issues with the Stone Scale Kirin from the other mob.
  • Tactics
    • Warrior-icon-smallSunreach Warmaker - Easy Very short run, take Feigned Neutrality instead of Dark Escape since the Dragon Roots can kill you without this skill if they hit too often. Boss goes down quickly due to large number of mobs surrounding him. Rust instead of Obsidian Flame can help when used on his Healing Signet. Sometimes there are targeting issues because of the large number of melee Wardens and Rot Wallows around him. It also happens sometimes that the casters will use Shockwave if you are standing next to them while killing the boss, if you are hit too often it can potentially kill you.
Monk (Mo)Edit
Elementalist (E)Edit
  • Air Magic
    • Elementalist-icon-smallAmadis, Wind of the Sea- Easy/Medium Get close to the boss waiting until he has engaged enemies, after all enemies are killed except one which is at low health, engage the boss.
Assassin (A)Edit
Necromancer (N)Edit
  • Death Magic
    • Necromancer-icon-smallSessk, Woe Spreader - Easy/Medium Ritualist mob casts nightmare weapon, and the archers have lots of interrupts. You might want to cast sliver before death charging in. In Hard Mode this boss is easy to farm. Sometimes Sliver Armor doesn't target the boss.
  • Blood Magic
    • Necromancer-icon-smallCultist Milthuran - Easy/Medium In both Normal and Hard Mode this boss is easy to farm and a very short run. Bring Stone Daggers instead of Dark Escape for a faster kill. Occasionally, an interrupt makes it through and if your sf runs out before you kill him (esp in hard mode) -> he casts chilblains which removes your enchantments and you're hosed.
Ritualist (Rt)Edit
Mesmer (Me)Edit
Ranger (R)Edit


43 Current Bosses

Dervish (D)Edit
  • Earth Prayers
  • Mysticism
    • Dervish-icon-small Vahlen the Silent - Very Hard Replace Death's Charge with Shadow of Haste. You need to recast Sliver Armor at least two times to kill the boss using Dark Escape just as Sliver Armor runs out (you need to pre-cast enchants and pull the boss to you, hope you don't get interrupted as this means you will have to start over - timing is very important as you want to maximize your damage, usually no targeting issues occur as the boss will always be closest to you).
  • Scythe Mastery
    • Dervish-icon-small Onslaught of Terror - Very Hard Both in normal mode and hard mode this boss is killable but relies on very high titles to maximize damage as you will be receiving damage even with Shadow Form activated.
    • Dervish-icon-small Fahralon the Zealous - Easy/Medium Replace Obsidian Flame with Shadow Sanctuary. Depending on how high your PvE titles (Lightbringer, Vanguard, Sunspear, Kurzick/Luxon) he can be killed in normal and hard mode. Run to the bridge and just outside of his aggro bubble cast in this order: Glyph of Elemental Power, Shadow Form, Shadow Sanctuary, Dark Escape, Death Charge, Sliver Armor, Intensity, Ebon Battle Standard of Honor. If Sliver targets Fahralon, he should be down pretty quick. Make sure to have your Lightbringer title on to make the run easier.
Warrior (W)Edit
  • Axe Mastery
    • Warrior-icon-smallChor the Bladed - Easy (move to that rock on his right and bring the pop-ups to him, don't cast Silver armour until he uses Frenzy, he should die in 5 seconds after that, if he didn't cast frenzy within 4 seconds, just move out to top right, and do it again) (can also be done in hard mode, but he doesn't use frenzy then).
    • Warrior-icon-small Colonel Chaklin - Easy/Medium Requires a good pull of both the group at the bottom of the steps and the group in front of him to provide enough damage to take him down (if either of these groups has a priest don't bother).
  • Hammer Mastery
    • Warrior-icon-smallGrabthar the Overbearing - Easy Cast your enchants and engage, can kill with or without the harpy group and does not matter if there are healers, he dies very fast.
    • Warrior-icon-smallRiktund the Vicious - Easy/Medium Go from Mihanu Township and wait till the rain beetles have moved to the right. Jump in when Riktund's mob meets the second rain beetles patrol. Now those rain beetles can interrupt, so it's not as easy as it seems. And there tends to be a problem with targetting him. He's slow and big and if you deathcharge him he tends to rubberband to you and isn't targetting by sliver. Might do better running to him and getting as close as possible. Being that he is so big, smaller mob can move in closer and take the sliver hits.
  • Swordsmanship
    • Warrior-icon-smallMahto Sharptooth - Easy kill use all skills, if he does not die on first cast of your Sliver Armor, run straight out back down the river, wait for your Shadow Form to recharge, recast and finish him off.
Monk (Mo)Edit
Elementalist (E)Edit
Mesmer (Me)Edit
Paragon (P)Edit
  • Motivation
    • Paragon-icon-small Churkeh the Defiant - Easy/Medium The boss has high AR which can cause damage from Sliver Armor to be greatly reduced, higher titles will make this an easier kill especially in HM.
  • Spear Mastery
    • Paragon-icon-small Shrieker of Dread - Very Hard Normal mode is extremely difficult as damage is to slow if you don't pull any groups to the boss, also you can be hit through Shadow Form and killed very easily with the wrong spawn. Hard mode allows for no extra groups but depending on spawn you can also die easily (higher level titles makes this a lot easier).
    • Paragon-icon-small Corporal Luluh - Easy Aggro the two mobs in front of the fortress main door. If there is a priest, kill him first and come back later.
    • Paragon-icon-small Eshau Longspear - Medium/Hard Need to also aggro the group of Tusked Howler and one group of Mandragor (they will hit through Shadow Form so more than one group will kill you).
  • Command
    • Paragon-icon-small Briahn the Chosen - Easy/Medium Hard to survive this kill as you need to pull the Enchanted Brambles to have enough damage, but this causes you to suffer Conditions and steady health degeneration.
    • Paragon-icon-small Lieutenant Shagu - Medium Lots of enemies surrounding boss makes this a quick kill (although doctors and conditions can cause problems) with a very easy run.
  • Leadership
    • Paragon-icon-small Oath of Profanity - Easy Both normal and hard mode very easy kill, beware of poison degeneration.
Necromancer (N)Edit
Assasin (A)Edit
  • Dagger Mastery
    • Assassin-icon-small Lunto Sharpfoot - Hard solo, Easy with heroes/henchmen First you have to treat the two Veldt Beetle Queen that are part of his group like a boss and kill each one of them (if you do this solo it's extremely hard to keep targeting on them, you could use henchmen/heroes for this as it's a lot quicker), use the surrounding Plants if you need the extra damage.
    • Assassin-icon-small Major Jeahr - Easy If engaging from Kodonur Crossroads side of the bridge and there is a guard, kill it first or kite it back then run to middle of bridge to drop aggro, after this Major Jeahr group does plenty of damage with Sliver Armor and Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.
    • Assassin-icon-small Admiral Kaya - Hard Solo, Medium with heroes/henchmen If doing this solo you need to first kill the Blue Tongue Heket then you can kill the boss. (Corsair Doctor can be a problem on some kills if you don't also kill this target), you will not always have an easy escape as you will be under the effects of Corsair's Net. Admiral Kaya will use Death's Retreat but return very quickly and Sliver Armor will go straight back onto the boss finishing him off (HM is alot easier as you will not have the surrounding groups healing the boss).
    • Assassin-icon-small Chimor the Lightblooded - Easy Quick run and very easy kill both in normal and hard mode, beware of degeneration and surrounding groups damage that will hit you even with Shadow Form activated.
Ritualist (Rt)Edit
Ranger (R)Edit
  • Marksmanship
    • Ranger-icon-small Zelnehlun Fastfoot - Easy Attack when the group spawns or wait and pull back up the hill or across the bridge, the boss will die quickly either way.
  • Beast Mastery
    • Ranger-icon-small Bolten Largebelly - Hard This boss requires a couple of groups to be pulled from nearby and also some degree of luck as targeting can be an issue, Troll Ungent can be interrupted by Shock but is not needed if you have high rank titles.

Eye of the NorthEdit

17 Current Bosses

Activating Ebon Vanguard Rank, Asuran Rank, and Norn Rank can assist in killing bosses listed below

Necromancer (N)Edit
  • Curses
    • Necromancer-icon-small Bredyss Longstride - Medium/Hard There is a lot of degeneration AoE spells cast that can easily cause you to die both in NM and HM, targeting can also be an issue so make sure to use the Resurrection Shrines near the boss. In hard mode you may have to bring heroes/henchmen to clear some groups if you get bad spawn to get to the boss.
Monk (Mo)Edit
Elementalist (E)Edit
  • Water Magic
    • Elementalist-icon-small Elsnil Frigidheart - Very Easy Very good boss to get some experience on in Guild Wars Eye of the North if your just starting out with this build (HM is also easy but requires a higher rank in titles for more damage).
    • Elementalist-icon-small Lord Glacius the Eternal - Easy Use Death's Charge while boss is separated from group to increase the chances of Sliver Armor targeting him (this boss requires you to wait for him to be summoned after you get in sight of the group of dwarves). Sometimes a Frost Wurm will spawn on the run route, in which case you must cast Shadow Form ASAP or you will get hexed with Wurm Bile and die. Doable in HM.
  • Air Magic
    • Elementalist-icon-small Thraexis Thundermaw - Easy/Medium Higher titles make this boss easy kill with just his group but lower titles may require pulling one of the groups nearby.
Ranger (R)Edit
Warrior (W)Edit
  • Swordsmanship
    • Warrior-icon-small Molotov Rocktail - Very Hard In both NM and HM use one of the patrolling Charr groups to add to Sliver Armor damage (avoid both the Siege Devourer and Mantises they will make a kill impossible). As an extra note a kill in NM is not always guaranteed on the first cast of enchants so insure you activate the Ressurection Shrines nearby as bosses health regeneration is very slow and you can engage a second time to finish him off.
    • Warrior-icon-small Byndliss Flamecrown - Easy Very easy kill after sometimes difficult run especially in HM, boss group only is sufficient damage to take him down.
    • Warrior-icon-small Paragon-icon-small Fenrir - Medium/Hard Targeting can be a very big issue (a lot of luck involved as you can't move much once you get surrounded which happens nearly instantly), before aggroing any groups cast enchants then use Dark Escape to get to the boss quicker, once you engage you have very little chance of escaping, if a number of the Kveldulf are dead this gets a lot harder, once Fenrir is the target of Sliver Armor he dies fast.
  • Hammer Mastery
    • Warrior-icon-small Baglorag Grumblesnort - Easy/Medium Pull one of the groups along his patrol route to him to maximise Sliver Armor damage, using Dark Escape you can get out of aggro very easy, charging Sliver Armor and engaging again as quickly as possible if you can't kill him on the first cast (don't use Pinesouls, their damage is to slow, other groups of Jotun are ideal, especially if you can pull two groups at once).
Dervish (D)Edit
Mesmer (Me)Edit
  • Illusion Magic
    • Mesmer-icon-small Wilderm Wrathspew - Easy/Medium Targeting can be an issue but if you just body pull the boss both in normal and hardmode this can somewhat alleviate that problem. Be carefull of the groups that spawn in hardmode as you wont be able to get enchants up in time and may die on the run to boss.
  • Domination Magic
    • Mesmer-icon-small Veturni Mindsquall - Medium The run is the most difficult part of killing this boss (taking heros to clear can make this a little easier), boss group only is sufficient for kill both in NM and HM.
Assassin (A)Edit

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